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Sciwheel: PRE June 2022 Users

Guide to registering, setting up, and using the Sciwheel bibliographic citation manager.

Created by Health Science Librarians

Important Note

NOTE for users who registered for Sciwheel prior to 6/10/22: 

  • New registration & login link: < >
    • Update your bookmarks
  • If you installed the browser extension prior to 6/10/22, and you are getting an error message when you try to use it, you may need to uninstall, then re-install the browser extension for each browser you use for Sciwheel.
    • Clear your browser cache/cookies. 
    • If that, alone doesn't work, uninstall/reinstall your browser extensions
      • Method 1: depending upon your browser/version, you may have the option to right click the extension itself in the browser to remove it or to select manage extensions to uninstall and/or update it,
      • Method 2: (example below is Firefox)
        • Login to your Sciwheel account
        • Go to Tools pulldown menu and select browser extension
        • This should take you to a browser extension page for the Sciwheel extension, where you can uninstall your existing browser extension, then re-install it.
    • Sign in to the newly installed browser extension
    • You may have to sign back out of your Sciwheel account, then sign back in again to make the newly installed extension work.



  • IF all else fails, here is a temporary work-around, while we are developing a solution:
    • Sign out of all Sciwheel instances, then sign back in via rather than the usual link. 
    • You will now be in "roaming" mode.This will work for up to 120 days at a time.
    • You will need to reset the 120 day "counter" either by logging in from signing in from campus or via the usual links from our website,
    • If you are unable to come to campus or have trouble signing in via our website links before the 120 days of roaming expire, you may notice your account has become the free/basic type instead of the premium UNC institutional account. Have no fear, your citations will all still be there and you can convert back to the premium institutional account by contacting Sciwheel support for assistance.

F1000Workspace became Sciwheel (Spring 2020)

F1000Workspace becomes Sciwheel       

Spring 2020, F1000Workspace became Sciwheel.  Tools and functionality are the same - just a new look.

Your account should re-direct with no issues. 

If you have bookmarked the sign-in page, change it to the following: 

There is now a Sciwheel branded mobile app for both Apple and Google/Android mobile devices.

Sciwheel support: Email for HELP (Sciwheel) or use the blue chat button with the smile within SciwheelSciwheel chat support

2021 Changes to Sciwheel Word plugin/Desktop App

2021 changes to Sciwheel Word plugin & desktop app
In 2021, Sciwheel launched a new Sciwheel 365 add-in in response to a growing number of Microsoft 365 users. They no longer support the older, original Word plugin & desktop app and there will be no further updates to them. However, if you already have the [original] Word plugin installed, you will still be able to use it. Do not use both the old Word plugin and the new MS 365 add-in within the same document.
  • To convert original Sciwheel or F1000 Workspace Word plug-in citations for use with the new Word 365 Sciwheel add-in, see this conversion video.
For more information and instructions on downloading/installing the new Word 365 Sciwheel add-in, see the Sciwheel video here or  click on Help in Sciwheel.
  • Download the new 365 Sciwheel add-in from the Tools drop down in Sciwheel or directly via the Microsoft (MS) app store. Click here for help with Microsoft Store Add-ins > Sciwheel.
  • OR you can download it from within Word by selecting the insert tab and clicking on Get Add-ins. From the Store tab search for Sciwheel.
  • Once installed the Sciwheel add-in tab will be added to your Word ribbon. If you have both the older and newer add-ins installed, the newer one will usually be the one on the right. Once you open the new add-in, you will see the Sciwheel icon to the far left.  Click on it to open and use.
  • When using the desktop version of Word, to access the add-in after installation via Appsource, you will have to go to Insert > My Add-ins in Word to refresh the list before the add-in is shown.  
  • Do not use both the old Word plugin and the new MS 365 add-in within the same document.
Troubleshooting notes:
  • You may need administrative privileges on your computer to download and install the newer Sciwheel Office 365 add-in from MS Store. If you do not have administrative privileges, your computer support personnel should be able to assist you.
  • If your anti-virus or anti-malware software blocks installation from MS Store, computer support should be able to assist you. 
  • If you are using an older version of MS Office/Word (pre 2019), you may need to upgrade. 
  • Additional help with Microsoft Store Add-ins > Sciwheel.

For additional help, contact Sciwheel support (responses generally within a few hours) from the chat button within Sciwheel or via emailSciwheel chat support