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Barbara's Basics: First Things First

Essential tips to get you started efficiently using the HSL and its resources.

Do These Now!

Get Networked

Set up the campus network on all your devices. It will save you time when you do library research.

The easy way to set up your devices for campus networks:

  • Go to the School of Medicine OIS for assistance: 065 MacNider Hall, 919-962-4357, Mon-Fri 9am-4pm.
    Be sure to mention you need to connect to the UNC network used in the library.

Additional information and hints for networking, NAC agent, and operating system or Windows Office upgrades is here:

Don't forget, change your password on all your devices when you reset your Onyen password (required every 90 days).

Sprint to Print

Color or black and white printers are available at HSL. Send jobs from HSL computers. To send from your laptop:

Be True to Your Words

Learn how to write without plagiarizing before you write your first paper.

Get Organized

Before you drown in information overload:

  • Set up a RefWorks account and learn to use this tool to help you keep track of the articles you find and cite them correctly when you write.

Article Not Online? Don't Fret!

Wizards at the HSL can get you articles and books even when the library does not own them.

We All Need Somebody to Lean On

Ask a Librarian whenever you need help.

Be True to Your School

Select Allied Health as your affiliation on library forms.

  • Then we will know how much Allied Health people love using library services!

Need help?

Call the HSL at (919) 962-0800 to get immediate help (when we're open, click here for our hours)
E-Mail us and the best suited librarian will get back to you promptly (quick answers or one-on-one consultations).
Chat with a HSL Librarian to get help (during business hours)