Endnote Basic/Online/Web

This guide will provide support for students and researchers who are using either Endnote Basic or the full Endnote Online

Install the Plugin (Endnote Basic only)

If you have the full version of Endnote (including Endnote Desktop), the plugin will be automatically downloaded and installed on your computer along with the Desktop program. If you have Endnote Basic, you'll have to download the plugin separately.

To download Cite While You Write, click on Downloads. You will see links to download plugins for Windows and Macintosh. Select the correct link for your computer and follow the directions to install.



Inserting Citations

Once you have installed either Endnote Desktop or the Cite While You Write plugin, you should be able to open Word and see an Endnote tab like the one below (or an Endnote menu if you have a Mac).


To see more on how to use the Cite While You Write plugin, see our Endnote X7 guide here.

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