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EndNote Basic: Adding References

This guide will provide support for students and researchers who are using Endnote Basic

Created by Health Science Librarians

Online Search

The Online Search function will allow you to connect to and search online databases without leaving Endnote. To get to Online Search, first click Collect from the top menu, then click Online Search.

  1. To search a specific database, select it from the dropdown menu and click Connect. Two of the databases included are PubMed and the UNC library catalog,
  2. Because the list of possible databases is long, and most of them will not be relevant (many of them are the library catalogs of other schools), you may want to click the Select Favorites link and select one or two databases that you will use most frequently. Once you select favorites, your dropdown menu will be limited to the ones you have selected.To select a database, click on it and then click the Copy to Favorites button.
  3. Note that this feature does not allow you to search many of the databases to which UNC has access. It is not wise to rely on the Endnote Online interface as your only way of searching for articles.

New Reference (Manual)

To add a new reference by hand (manually), click Collect in the top menu and then click New Reference. You will be taken to a blank bibliographic record which you can fill out for your source. Note the Reference Type dropdown menu at the top of the record--selecting different reference types from this list will cause different types of fields to appear in the rest of the form. If you are not sure what type of reference you have or do not wish to specify a type, you can choose the "Generic" option from the dropdown menu. When you are finished entering information about your source, click Save either at the top or the bottom of the page.

Note: The Save button does not appear until you have typed in at least one of the fields on the form, so do not worry if you don't see it at first.