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HIST 89.001: Global Food History: Articles

E-Research and Subject Librarians by Discipline

The E-Research by Discipline page is where you can find discipline specific: 

  • databases
  • subject research guides
  • contact information for the Subject Librarian covering specific disciplines

Recomended Databases

Effective Seaching Tips

*Keep track of what you find and where you found it.*

Once you've developed your research topic and have determined which database best suits your needs:

  • Identify the key concepts and terms and combine them into a well-crafted search string
  • Consider related terms
  • Apply search strategies: quotation marks, Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT (in CAPS), asterisk and more...
  • Use the ways that databases provide to filter your results: format, subject, date range of publication, peer-reviewed articles, and more
  • Use useful tools offered by databases: citation, email, saving, printing, translation, and more..
  • Need help? Ask a librarian.