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HIST 89.001: Global Food History: Misc. sites

Food-related sites

Feast Afrique is a resource on the West African culinary heritage, curated by Ozoz Sokoh, author of The Kitchen Butterfly blog, and dedicated to exploring sociopolitical, economic, and culinary pathways and practices related to the production and consumption of food, particularly the legacy of West African culinary excellence from the 15th century through the Transatlantic slave trade, its contribution to the Industrial Revolution, and global development. The site includes links to digitized books, data visualizations, videos of talks and events, essays, recipes, and a “Reading Challenge” feature on West African & Diasporic culinary history, literature, language and other aspects of food.

The Sifter is an open access searchable database with works from over 8,000 authors and provides details about both the authors and the contents of the works. Central documents include both print and manuscript cookbooks and periodicals, as well as other writings related to producing, preparing, and consuming food, as well as writings about cultural and moral attitudes regarding food. This database does not contain the texts of books or recipes, rather descriptive details about them such as dedications and tables of contents. The Sifter was developed by Barbara Ketcham Wheaton and continues to grow on a Wikipedia model, whereby users input and review data and make any necessary corrections and edits. Contributions are ongoing, and may include novels, travel literature, poetry, music, and more.

The Oxford Food Symposium on Food & Cookery is an annual weekend conference at which academics, food writers, cooks, and others with an interest in food and culture meet to discuss current issues in food studies and food history.