PubMed Ten-Tips Legacy

Retrieving Full-Text Articles

Always connect to PubMed from UNC-CH library pages so you will see the Find @ UNC button in abstract display.

Find @ UNC button

Find @ UNC takes you directly to available full-text articles.

If the full-text is available online, you will be taken to the journal or database website where you can obtain the full-text. You should see the full-text on the left, with a pop-up menu on the right showing the UNC libraries logo. The menu on the right lists alternative sources for your article, which you can try if the original source isn't working, or if you are unable to find additional materials like online supplements with the first link. The right-hand menu also gives you the option to email the citation or export the citation to RefWorks, End Note, and other programs. See Citation Export Options for more information.

When the article is not available online, Find @ UNC links to a page with other ways to get the article.

  • look for print in the UNC Libraries' catalog
  • request from another library via Interlibrary Loan
  • ask for help

Find@UNC Not Online