PubMed Ten-Tips Legacy

Clinical Queries

The link to Clinical Queries is in the PubMed Tools column in the center bottom of the PubMed opening page.

Clinical Queries is a PubMed interface that applies pre-set search filters to focus your search in three areas.

  1. Clinical Study Categories: Select a Category (Etiology, Diagnosis, Therapy, Prognosis, or Clinical prediction guide) and a Scope (Broad or Narrow) to filter your search results. These options are available after you enter your search.
  2. Systematic Reviews: Filters the search to include systematic reviews, meta-analyses, reviews of clinical trials, evidence-based medicine, consensus development conferences, and guidelines on your topic.
  3. Medical Genetics: Filters a disease search for articles about genetic diagnosis, clinical description, management, counseling, molecular genetics, and genetic testing.

Clinical Queries Screen Shot

If you are particularly interested in evidence based practice, check out the HSL Guides on Evidence Based Practice.  We have guides created for a number of different disciplines, including Dentistry, Nursing, Medicine, and Physical Therapy