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Early Career Researcher's Guide: UNC Basics

This portal is designed to provide early career researchers with basic information they need to get started at UNC and to link them to relevant resources in other Library guides or elsewhere at UNC.

Created by Health Science Librarians

What Accounts Do I Need?

The following accounts will allow you to access resources available at the University of North Carolina and beyond.

Additional accounts to have

The following resources are optional, non-UNC accounts to open as a researcher

Google Scholar  

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a subset of Google that is designed to search for scholarly publications, including journal articles, theses, books, and reports. One useful feature of a Google scholar account is Google Scholar Citations, which allows you to monitor citations to your articles.  Citation information is extracted from the scholarly articles within the Google Scholar database and from U.S. patents in the Google Patents database.  Documents retrieved from Google Scholar should be verified for accuracy.

To get started, you need to create a Google Scholar Citations author profile:

  • Sign in using your Gmail address and password OR
  • Create a Google account using a different email address
  • Add articles to your author profile

 Learn more about viewing citations and obtaining citation metrics for articles in your profile.

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ResearchGate is a platform where you can connect with other researchers with similar interests, share scholarly work, and collaborate. Please ensure to confirm copyright policies for published work before sharing on ResearchGate. 



Professional Development and Technology at UNC

Campus resources for professional development and technology support.