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North Carolina Courts, Cases, and Rules

Information and resources regarding North Carolina Courts


NC Court Rules

North Carolina Court Rules

The North Carolina Supreme Court has adopted specific court rules.  These rules are available on the court's website.

Examples of some of these court rules are listed below.  For more rules, visit

  • North Carolina Rules of Appellate Procedure
  • General Rules of Practice for Superior and District Courts
  • Code of Judicial Conduct
  • N.C. State Bar Rules
Local Court Rules

Local courts in North Carolina also have rules, for example at the district and superior court level.  These can be found on the individual courts' pages on or in the Local Rules and Forms database.

Commercial Publication of Court Rules

Commercial Publishers, such as West, also print these rules often with annotations.  North Carolina Rules of Court is the West publication, which is available in print (KFN7929 .A195 1973) and electronically via Westlaw Edge.  The North Carolina State & Federal Court Rules are also available electronically via Lexis+.