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Equipment Room @ MEJO: Frequently Asked Questions

When is my equipment due?

Most items can be checked out for 72 hours, or 3 days, and can be renewed up to 3 times. Staff will remind you when your gear is due when you check it out. 

Because Park Library is closed over the weekend, anything that would be due on a weekend is due on Monday. If you check gear out on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, it will be due the following Monday. 

sample loans periods: things checked out on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday are all due Monday

Some classes have equipment that can be borrowed for longer. Check the resource details page in Connect2 to check your permissions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't panic. You are definitely not the only one.

The most common challenge connecting to the VPN is getting the connecting information correct: double-check the server name and group name you are using.

  • Server name:
  • Group name: UNCCampus

Note that you type in the server name, and choose the group name from a drop-down menu. The drop-down menu is long and has many other options. You need to manually choose "UNCCampus."
If the connection information is correct, make sure Duo dual authentication is working. After the group name, enter the following:

  • A username: your Onyen
  • First password: your Onyen password
  • Second password: a Duo command - either push, sms, or phone

When you enter the Duo command, you will get a prompt to authenticate.

  • "Push" sends a push notification to your device.
  • "Sms" sends you a text with a code. When you look at the VPN again, you will see the same form you just filled out. Enter the group name, your Onyen, and Onyen password again. Then enter the code as the second password.
  • "Phone" gives you a call. When you answer, you will hear automated instructions to press any key on the keypad to authenticate.

Are you having a problem downloading or opening the VPN?


  • If you are unable to download the software (or it doesn't seem to be completely downloading, contact UNC ITS. Fill out a help ticket under "Something's Broken" at
  • If you are using a Mac, make sure you are opening the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client and not any other parts of the application (like Cisco AnyConnect DART.)

Something else? Not sure what's going on? Please come to Park Library for assistance if you are not able to connect to the VPN. This page about the VPN might also be helpful.


Some equipment is often in high demand. For example, we have a lot of tripods, but many fewer phone mounts. There will rarely be a shortage of tripods in general. However, the tripods with phone mounts are sometimes all booked at the same time. This is also the case for popular items that we only have a few of, like the Canon 5D Mark IV.

The reservation system allows you to plan ahead and reserve equipment for when you need it, and there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the gear you need, even if it's in high demand:

  • Make bookings a few days (or more!) in advance.
  • Try to work on assignments as soon as possible. You might be done with the equipment before there is a rush on it. This could help you and your classmates by spacing out demand for the equipment you all need.
  • Check out equipment to share with a classmate. Make sure to put their name and contact info on the booking along with yours!!
  • If Park Library gear you need urgently is booked, there might be something that will do the job at the Media & Design Center in the Undergraduate Library.


For a thesis, have your advisor email Park Library Director Stephanie Willen Brown with information about what equipment you will need. There is a standard graduate student/thesis role in Connect2 that has access to most equipment graduate students typically need.

For projects that are related to the Hussman School, do the same: your advisor should get in touch with Stephanie about your equipment needs.

For other projects, you might be able to get permission to borrow equipment if you have a faculty contact for the project in the Hussman School and you talk to them and Stephanie. This is done on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on availability. If you are not able to borrow equipment from us, check out the Media & Design Center in the Undergraduate Library.

Each class has permission for a certain set of equipment that is typically needed for that class. It might be that you were in a class previously that had access to more or different equipment than your current class(es).

If there is equipment that you need for your current class that you do not see in Connect2, we might be able to add it to your class permissions, but this is not always possible. Stephanie will need to contact your instructor to confirm and staff will make changes if it is feasible for you or your class to borrow this gear.

In most cases like this, it is because only part of a multi-item booking was actually renewed. Connnect2 does make this situation obvious.
If there are several items in a booking, Connect2 will try to renew all of them for the entire additional loan period. However, it may only renew some of them, or only renew something until the next booking for that item. Connect2 does not make this clear, and if any items were renewed for any amount of time, will show a “Renew completed successfully” message.

Example: My booking contains a Canon Mark IV, battery and charger, and a 70-200mm lens. All of it is due today, Tuesday, at 3 p.m. I want to renew it, so I go to the booking details page in Connect2 and select renew all. However, if someone else has a booking for the Mark IV when my current booking is over, I cannot actually renew the Mark IV. It will still be due at 3 p.m. today. If all of the other items in the booking can be renewed, Connect2 will tell me that the renewal was successful.

Pay very close attention to the list of due times by item that is shown after a renewal. Looking at the list of items in the booking and each of their due dates is the only way to know which items were renewed and for how long.

Yes! If your booking is for 10 a.m., you can pick it up on that day any time before 10, and until 10:30 a.m. You could also pick it up the afternoon before if necessary.

However, this will not be possible if an item is still checked out to another patron, because gear is often checked out by someone else right up until the start time of your booking. In this case, you would have to come back at your booking time.

Come to Park Library (or send us an email or text us at (919) 442-8077) to let staff now. We will make sure your account has the proper permissions so you can connect and get the gear for your current courses.