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Equipment Room @ MEJO: Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Why do you need the VPN?

Learn about the VPN and why you need it! Start at & select your computer / device.

Tips for Getting the VPN

Learn how to download the VPN app & connect to UNC's VPN. This will enable you to access Connect2 off campus if you are borrowing equipment from Park Library. Start at & select your computer / device.

Accessing Connect2 with a VPN

To access Connect2 and make reservations for MEJO equipment, you need to be connected to UNC’s campus network. When you are on campus, this is seamless. 

When you are off campus, you need to access Connect2 with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for security reasons. 

To use the VPN, you will need to download a software client called Cisco AnyConnect VPN. Download the Cisco AnyConnect client here (

  1. UNC IT walks you through the steps to set up and log in to the VPN.
  2. Find “Obtaining and Installing the VPN”. 
  3. Select your operating system for download links and step-by-step instructions.

Some things to know:

  1. You only need to install the VPN client ONCE on your device, and then you can connect to it whenever you need to use it.
  2. You will need your ONYEN and two-factor authentication (Duo) for setting up the VPN and for connecting to the VPN.
  3. Pay attention to the "Connection Settings" section of the download page. The server name and group name listed are login credentials you will use each time you connect to the VPN. 
  4. To use the VPN for Connect2:

a. Open and log into the VPN client, and once you are connected…

b. Go to Connect2 at and use it as you would on campus

c. When you are finished, you can log out of the VPN and close the client.

Contact someone in Park Library if you would like help installing the VPN. 

Common Problem: UNCCampus & Second Password

​Make sure you're connected to the Group = UNCCampus
Select "UNCCampus" as Group


Type "phone" or "push" or "sms" in the Second Password field. This is how Duo will contact you for 2-factor authentication.

Second Password info.: input push, sms, or phone as the second password for dual authentication through Duo


VPN Image

the entry for the Cisco AnyConnect VPN app in the Apple app store

Help with Installing the VPN


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icons of various AnyConnect products; for the VPN, choose Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client