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UNC-Duke Partnership

The East Asian Collections at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-Chapel Hill) benefit from longstanding cooperative collection development programs with nearby Duke University. In the mid-1960s the two universities agreed to share the responsibility for the collection of East Asian material. The UNC-Chapel Hill henceforth concentrated its collecting efforts on Chinese materials, while Duke University focused on Japanese materials. Both universities purchase materials to support language teaching on their own campuses and accept gifts in both languages, but responsibility for research materials is divided between the two campuses by country. Although this precise division of responsibility has been revised in response to changing needs on both campuses, continued cooperation is expected. Each library purchases materials requested by faculty from the other institution and arrangements for special research loans can be made.

If you have questions about borrowing books from UNC-Chapel Hill or Duke, about arranging special research loans or ordering a title, please contact either the librarian at UNC-Chapel Hill, Hsi-chu Bolick, or the Subject Specialists at Duke.

Chinese Graded Readers

The graded readers are ideal sources of readings for language learners of all level of expertise.Check out these newly-purchased items from out collection, 

Book cover of Two Kittens      Book cover of I Love "Eight Years"     Book cover of Music in Nature      Book cover of Healthy and Delicious Chinese Food      Book cover of My dog


Click here for UNC-Capel Hill filmography searchable database. Below are some recommended titles of the Chinese films available in the UNC-Chapel Hill libraries.


Film 2046's cover page     Film Coming Home cover page      Film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon cover page       Film In the Mood for Love cover page

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