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Locations of East Asian Materials in Davis Library

  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK中日韓) materials are shelved in the library stacks by call numbers. Call numbers appear on the book label or in catalog records in a form such as DS721.Z478 2010.
  • Call numbers represent subjects of library materials and are assigned to library materials in accordance with the Library of Congress Classification Scheme.
  • Davis Library does not shelve Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK中日韓) materials separately from materials in other languages but instead integrates all library materials by call number (subject).

The majority of Chinese/Japanese/Korean (中日韓) materials are on the following floors at Davis Library:

Call Number   Floor
A – DC   Floor 3
DD – GT   Floor 4
GV – HV   Floor 5
HX – PJ   Floor 6
PK – PR5000s     Floor 7
PR6000 – Z   Floor 8

How to Search Chinese-Japanese-Korean (CJK) Records

Two ways you can do it:

  • Type in Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK 中日韓) language characters in search box.
  • Use North American romanization standards for CJK languages:
    Pinyin for Chinese, Hepburn for Japanese, and McCune-Reischauer for Korean.

The online catalog is not case sensitive and ignores diacritics when searching.
A hyphen (-) is treated as a space if not included in the search term.

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