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Clinical Reference: Nursing

Created by Health Science Librarians

Clinical Nursing Resources

See also the Clinical Nursing page on this guide.

Top Nursing Databases


Interdisciplinary / Includes, but not limited to, nursing

Evidence-based reviews and summaries

Search tips

  • Put similar terms/synonyms in the same search box or in parenthesis separated by OR.
    • ("new nurse" OR "new nurses" OR "novice nurse" OR "novice nurses")
    • ("proton pump inhibitor" OR prilosec OR omeprazole)
    • "early mobility" OR "early ambulation" OR "early mobilization"
  • Only one search box? Use parentheses to keep similar terms grouped together.
    • (cancer OR oncology) AND (resilience OR resiliency)
    • (soup OR stew OR broth OR gumbo) AND (flu OR influenza)
  • Searching for variations of a word? Remove the ending and add an asterisk to search for all variations.
    • educat* finds education, educate, or educating
    • nurs* finds nurse, nurses, or nursing
  • Search for phrases with double quotes
    • “nurse practitioner”
    • “hospital-acquired”
    • "intensive care unit"
    • "quiet time"

Too many results? Try:Search is too broad

  • Sort by Relevance or Best Match instead of date and stop when results don't fit
  • Add another component to your search (think PICO format)
  • Adding a unit name or settingSearch is more specific
  • Limiting to past 5 or 10 years
  • Reducing the number of similar words you use

Clinical Nursing Librarian

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