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CHEM 101L & 102L

A resource for the general chemistry laboratory course which includes chemistry references, lab safety information and instructional videos.

Chemistry Lab

Three students conducting a lab experiment

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Writing and Citing

UNC Writing Center


  • How to write an outline (video)

  • Why and how to create an outline (Purdue OWL)


Researching in the Sciences (videos)

Author's Guide for submitting an article to the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry

MLA Formatting and Style Guide (online)

Lab Notebook General Tips

Make your notebook as efficient and accurate as possible.  Some more common tips include:

*Use permanent ink.

*Initial and date every page.

*Leave a blank page or two in the beginning for a Table of Contents.

*Draw only a single line through all errors.

*Create a table of chemicals & relevant properties with each experiment.

*Record what you have done.

*Record all observations and explanations of why they happened.

*Be descriptive with titles & headings.

*Start a new page for each experiment.

*At the end of each lab, ask yourself, "Can I recreate this experiment/my results with what I have written down?"

Adapted from "Organizing your lab notebook"

About This Guide

This guide will help you find library resources for your chemistry laboratory course including:
  • Chemical information sources
  • Instructional laboratory videos
  • Laboratory safety information
  • Careers in chemistry
  • Scientific journal articles

Instructional Laboratory Videos

Chemical Information Sources

To find the CAS number of a molecule look it up in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics:

Scientific Literature

If you don't have a SciFinder account, register here

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Laboratory Safety Information

Careers in Chemistry

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