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Finding Medical & Health Films/Images: Dentistry

Open Access and Subscribed Medical Media & Images and Copyright Information

Created by Health Science Librarians


Teeth with black gums

Drug Induced Mucosal Pigmentation
Copyright: Visual Dx

Greater Palatine Nerve Block'

Greater Palatine Nerve Block
Copyright: Primal

Dentistry Images & Films

Dental Anatomy

Primal Pictures Suite Modules  (Limited to 20 simultaneous users; Off-campus access restricted to current UNC-CH affiliates.)

  • Primal Dentistry 
    • Access this module through Primal for over 100 3D views of head, neck, face, oral and nasal cavities, dentition, individual teeth in 3D and cross section, nerves, larynx and pharynx, sinuses, eye, brain, injection insertion points, clinical slides, and more
  • Primal Real-Time Dentistry 
    • Access this module through Primal for  detailed and accurate real-time biomechanical animations of the gross anatomy of the human head, with a focus on dentistry. Note: You will need to download a browser plugin to fully use this resource.
  • Primal 3D Head & Neck Anatomy with Basic Neuroanatomy 
    • Access this module via Primal for 3D computer graphic modeling of the head, neck, ear, orbit and eyes, oral and nasal cavities, teeth, sinuses, etc with related text, videos, images, dissections, etc.
  • Primal 3D Head with Pediatric Comparisons  
    • Access this module through Primal for detailed 3D models of the adult/adolescent head and neck and the pediatric larynx, pharynx and tongue to compare to functional infant anatomy including infant oral reflexes, munching and chewing patterns, and tongue movements

Oral Pathology

Dental Resource Guide