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Finding Medical & Health Films/Images: Print

Open Access and Subscribed Medical Media & Images and Copyright Information

Created by Health Science Librarians

Medical Figures & Illustrations in Books & Journals

Most medical books or journals are illustrated, many of them with hundreds of color photographs. There are even specific books that just have images (atlases). You can find print images by:

  1. Using the Library Catalog.
  2. Going to the subject area on the shelves and browsing through the books or journals.
  3. Finding more images in the Health Sciences Library's print Historical Collections, or at Wilson Library.

Make sure that you credit them carefully!  You must contact copyright holders for permission before using their images in new publications or  versions, unless your activities are covered by fair use (see the Copyright Issues page in this guide).

Find Print Books

Search the Libraries' Catalog

HSL books published after 1990 are on the 3rd floor. Those published pre-1990 are in the basement. Note: Due to construction in the library, please ask about the current location of books at the ground floor information desk.

You can request that books located at other campus libraries be sent to HSL at no charge.

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Find Print Journals

In the Library:

  • Search the Libraries' Catalog to find a journal.
  • Journals in HSL are arranged alphabetically by title.
  • Journal volumes published after 1990 are on the 4th floor in the HSL; older volumes are in the basement.

Outside the Library:

Medical Audio-Visual Journals