Latino/Latina/Latinx Health

Guide Editor: Stacy Torian, MLIS, MA (she/her)

As a health sciences librarian, I offer research consultations and lead instructional sessions for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students. In addition, I review and develop library resources in collaboration with library colleagues and campus partners. When developing resources, I strive to highlight underrepresented perspectives and encourage critical thinking. My areas of interest include health disparities, social determinants of health, and the health of LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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Full profile: Stacy Torian, MLIS, MA

About This Guide

This guide contains health resources for Hispanic and Latino/Latina/Latinx individuals and their healthcare providers. Topics include:

  • Cultural Humility and Cultural Competence
  • Patient-Provider Communication
  • Health Conditions
  • Latino/Latina/Latinx Health Research
  • Latino/Latina/Latinx Health Search Terminology
  • Professional Associations serving Latino/Latina/Latinx Communities

Hispanic and Latinx communities are culturally, linguistically, and racially diverse, with people using a range of terms to describe their cultural, racial, and ethnic identities. This diversity of preference is reflected in the titles and descriptions of the resources selected for the LibGuide. (For example, if a particular resource provider uses the word "Latino" rather than "Latinx," the word "Latino" is used in the resource description.)

Carolina Latinx Center

"The Carolina Latinx Center provides students, faculty and staff the opportunity to explore Latinx cultures, histories and tradition and to use that understanding to work across racial and ethnic communities in North Carolina and the world" (from the website).

Additional Resources (Resource Guides)

Latinx Life in North Carolina

Latin American Studies

Latino/a Studies

Acknowledgement of Linguistic and Cultural Bias in Health Sciences Literature

Much of the literature available in the Health Sciences Library's databases is published in English by White, non-Spanish-speaking authors. The librarians who worked on this guide are aware of this linguistic and cultural bias, and we have been intentional about seeking out and highlighting resources authored in Spanish by Hispanic and Latino/Latina/Latinx authors.

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