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IT Help

IT Help

Get networked

Get Networked

Set up the campus network on all your devices. It will save you time when you do library research. 

  • Allow up to 24 hours, once the registration process is complete, for the registration to take effect on the networks (usually happens in an hour or two). 

The easy way to set up your devices for campus networks:

  • Go to the School of Medicine OIS for assistance: 065 MacNider Hall, 919-962-4357, Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
    Be sure to mention you need to connect to the UNC network used in the library.

Or, Do It Yourself (two main steps): 

  • Set up networking on each device:
  • School of Medicine network also requires NAC Agent installation.  You can obtain the NAC Agent for free from UNC’s Shareware software acquisition site.  Click “N”
    • If you set this up off campus, the first time you use your laptop or device on the School of Medicine network, you will be prompted to finish the process.   
    • If you go from a School of Medicine building requiring NAC to a non-School of Medicine building and then back to a School of Medicine building, your device may get stuck in a loop that keeps asking you to connect and re-authenticate.  If this happens, either reboot your device or try disconnecting from the network and then reconnecting.   
    • Additional information:
  • Update Microsoft Office products (free):

Additional information and hints for networking, NAC agent (required to access SoM network), and operating system or Microsoft Office upgrades is being updated as summer changes are being made:

Don't forget: change your password on all your devices when you reset your Onyen password (required every 90 days).

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