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(Allied) Health Sciences: PhD and Post-Doc Resources: Computing/IT

Created by Health Science Librarians

Wi-Fi Basics: Connect to the UNC Wireless Network

Get Networked

Set up the campus network on all your devices. It will save you time when you do library research. 

  • Allow up to 24 hours once the registration process is complete for the registration to take effect on the networks (usually takes just an hour or two). 
  • Wi-Fi: Connect to the campus wireless network instructions
    • Note: Eduroam is the preferred method. If you already have Eduroam installed from an institution other than UNC-Chapel Hill, it is best to remove that first.

If you need further help:

  • Before you work with SOM IT, set up email: requires ONYEN/password; doable from home
    • Email sign-up: (note that this will open in a new window) Sign in with your ONYEN and password
  • NOTE: Do NOT log in to student version of Office 365 suite if you already have an active subscription to Office365 from outside UNC-Chapel Hill. This is even more important if you plan to use OneNote. 
  • Try Live Chat first. Support techs can use a screen-sharing app to help you with most things.
    • Once you click, you will be taken to site.
      • Once there, be sure to log in (upper right) with your SOM credentials so that you will be routed to SOM IT.   

Get More SOM IT Help

Get More SOM IT Help

SOM IT Workforce Technology Equipment Recommendations 

Currently supported operating systems as of May 2024: 

  • Windows: Windows 10, Windows 11
  • MacOS: Monterey, Ventura, Sonoma (Avoid newest iOS if just released within the last few months)
  • Android: Android 10 or higher
  • iPhone: iOS 17

Regarding Encryption:

  • Students: most students will not have PHI/SI on their devices and will not require encryption. If you do, then SOM IT can advise you on the encryption process, but you will be responsible for completing the tasks and storing your recovery token safely. 
  • Faculty/Staff: SOM IT will assist you with encryption if you have PHI/SI on your device. 

Some Additional SOM-IT Resources:

Don't forget that you have access to Adobe Creative Products and other software via UNC Shareware:

Get software or online training

Need Software or Online Training?

Don't forget that as a UNC student, you have access to free Adobe Creative Products via UNC Shareware: