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MEJO 531: Case Studies in Public Relations: Simmons

Simmons Insights

Material from Simmons

Simmons Insights used to be called Simmons OneView. Check out these guides about using Cross Tabs:

Citing Simmons Insights

You retrieved data or otherwise built a cross-tabulation using Simmons' adult survey (NHCS)

  • MRI-Simmons (2017).  Spring 2017 NHCS Adult Study 12 Month [Data File].  Retrieved from Simmons Insights Database.

Edit your citation to indicate the survey year you actually used and/or to reflect instances when the data or cross tabulation comes from a survey (i.e., study) within Simmons of those other than adults (such as the “Simmons Connect” studies).  For example:

  • MRI-Simmons (2017).  Spring 2017 Simmons Connect Study [Data File]. Retrieved from Simmons Insights Database.

(from "Simmons Insights (formerly Simmons Oneview)" on Advertising Resources at Syracuse University ; used with permission)

Admin. Notes about Simmons

Important information for faculty and students about OneView: 

  • A login & password is NOT required to Access to Simmons OneView at UNC. You do need a valid Onyen and password.
  • The subscription is limited to 5 simultaneous users
  • The 6th person attempting to login will receive a message suggesting they try later
  • In order to allow access for all users, please log out of OneView when you are done!
  • You will be automatically logged out by the system after seven minutes of inactivity

Because there are a limited number of simultaneous users, please do not wait until the last minute to start any assignment requiring OneView access!

Downtimes:  Simmons software upgrades occur on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET. Access restored as soon as possible, but Simmons reserves right to keep the system offline until 6 a.m. ET the following Thursday morning. System maintenance is also performed the first Saturday of each month between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET.

(adapted from SIMMONS OneView - Advertising Resources at Syracuse University ; used with permission)

Using Simmons Insights (from Ohio University)

More about using Simmons Insights to create a demographic profile.

Creating a Cross Tab (from Ohio University)

More about creating cross tabs in Simmons Insights.

Tips on READING cross tabs in Simmons Insights.

Immeasurable thanks to Chad Boeninger, Head of User Services and the Business & Economics Librarian at Ohio University