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MEJO 531: Case Studies in Public Relations: N.C. Data Sources

About North Carolina

North Carolina County Government

North Carolina Association of County Commissioners
Links to websites of all 100 North Carolina counties.

N.C. Statistics (General)

Book of the States

State Management, Administration, and Demographics reports include

  • Table 8.3:  State and Local Government Employment.
  • Table 8.5:  State Government Employment (Full-Time Equivalent) for Selected Functions.
  • Table 8.6:  State Government Payrolls for Selected Functions.

State Pages include

  • Table 10.3:  State Statistics.
  • Table 10.4:  Personal Income, Population, and Per Capita Personal Income.

Census Data

N.C. Department Data

Health & Human Services 

Employment & Labor


Criminal Justice

Education in N.C.

Public & private K-12 schools

Higher education


N.C. Business Info.

Population Data

Data About Kids

UNC Info.

UNC Logo

Political Data