Allied Health Sciences: Faculty Resources

This is a guide for Allied Health Sciences faculty, with a focus on resources for new/junior faculty, mid-career faculty, and their mentors. It is also a broad, one-stop-shop for faculty at all levels.

Getting Up & Running When You Arrive at DAHS: Administration

In addition to meeting with your Division director, make sure to meet with Val Tan and Robyn Catlett for Administrative Onboarding.  See Onboarding box on this page for additional information.   

  • Valerie "Val" Tan (Associate Chair for Administration, DAHS).
    • 919-843-4828
  • Robyn Catlett (Human Resources Consultant, School of Medicine HR Service Center)
    • 919-843-4720

Val will provide much of the key administrative information you need and will point you to the departmental shared drive for additional resources.  

Introducing the DAHS Office of Research & Scholarship (DAHS OORS)

After meeting with your Division Director and Val Tan, contact Patty Kinneer, Managing Director of Research Support & Scholarship (contact information below) , who will connect you with research and scholarship resources and connect you with networking opportunities. The office also maintains a set of mentoring resources. 

Interim Associate Chair for Research:  Elizabeth "Betsy" Crais:

  • 919-966-9458

Managing Director of Research Support & Scholarship:  Patty Kinneer

  • 919-445-0507

The DAHS Office of Research and Scholarship (OORS) provides an array of services for researchers and scholars. Example research support includes the following:

  • Mentoring resources
  • Budget development
  • Consultation on data security
  • Preparation of grant proposals
  • Post-award management
  • Methodological support

For clinical and academic scholars, the OORS offers preparation of manuscripts, presentations, and other continuing education materials. The OORS hosts monthly forums highlighting best practices in research, clinical services, and teaching.

Getting Up and Running: Clinical & Teaching

For your clinical work, in addition to your Division Director, you can consult with Lisa Johnston (Associate Chair, DAHS Clinical Services):

  • Office:  919-843-5723

For your teaching work, in addition to your Division Director, you can consult with Susan J. "Sue" Beck (Associate Chair for Academic Affairs):


Administrative Onboarding

See Val Tan or the DAHS shared drive for administrative onboarding resources.   

  • See, also, Faculty Handbook on DAHS shared drive.  

New Employee checklist for all PERMANENT employees.

PERMANENT faculty and Staff: Val provides resources such as the following prior to arrival or on the first day of work.  

  • Campus Map 
  • Business Card Order form
  • Academic Calendar
  • Travel planning info (for faculty)
  • Emergency Procedures for AHS in Bondurant 
  • A link to the portal for all policies for UNC faculty 
  • AHS Compensation plan 
  • SOM Guidelines for Promotion 
  • AHS-Student Services Info Sheet 
  • HSL – Info Sheet 
  • AHS-Finance & Admin Info Sheet 
  • AHS-Office of Research Info Sheet 
  • GPS Brochure which specifically gives a timeline of when things need to go to OSR and how much lead time our grants administrator needs 
  • DAHS Clinical Services Info Sheet 
  • List of AHS Department Listservs 
  • AHS History and about the Organization


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