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This is a guide for Allied Health Sciences faculty, with a focus on resources for new/junior faculty, mid-career faculty, and their mentors. It is also a broad, one-stop-shop for faculty at all levels.

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Navigating NCTraCS: Examples from a Junior Faculty Member

Examples from a Junior Faculty Member: how $2k can shape your career --Clare Harrop, PhD

  • Research Assistant Professor and Translational Research Methodologist, Allied Health Sciences
  • Presentation to the UNC Department of Allied Health Sciences, October, 2018
  • UNC's NC TraCS Institute ("TraCS"):  An NIH grant-funded institute serving the research community with a mission to accelerate discoveries into interventions that improve the health of individuals and the public. Our aims are to develop and support a skilled research workforce, engage diverse stakeholders as active partners, develop innovative methods to address barriers to translating scientific findings, and incorporate cutting-edge informatics tools and methodologies in every aspect of translational research.

Also see the September 1, 2020, TraCS News Article, Asking the Right Questions, in which Clare Harrop, PhD, describes the TraCS $2K pilot award as a gateway that opened doors to many other opportunities. 

  • Why don't we see more young girls with autism? To tackle this big, complicated question, Clare Harrop, PhD - a developmental psychologist in the Department of Allied Health Sciences at Carolina - started small with a TraCS $2K pilot award.
  • "I did not expect to get five publications, numerous conference presentations, and three more grants out of this."