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Searching EBSCO Databases: CINAHL, PsycInfo, & Global Health: Advanced Search Features

Created by Health Science Librarians

Using Advanced Search

If your search is more complex or requires a greater number of limiters, it is helpful to conduct an advanced search.

All EBSCOhost databases have the same advanced search bar.

On this page, you can add Boolean operators to your search and construct a more comprehensive search. The drop-down menu gives you the option to choose between "AND," "OR," and "NOT."

Boolean operators work to connect your various search terms. Using "OR" will show results that include any of your search terms. Using "AND" will only show you results that include all of your search terms. Using "NOT" will show you results that include the first term but not the second term. Be careful when using "NOT;" this can sometimes narrow the search too much and cause it to eliminate applicable results.

Once you have added your search string, you can click "Select a Field" to search in a specific location, such as the title or subject heading.

Then click "Search" to view results.

If you have questions about searching by fields or other advanced search operations, each EBSCOhost database has a HELP button in the upper right corner where you can get more information about advanced searching. 

Finding and Using Subject Headings / Index Terms

Each of the databases included in this guide have Controlled Vocabulary Subject Headings that are used to index all citations within the database and can be included in your searches to make them more inclusive. If you are familiar with MeSH in PubMed, these are the equivalent terms within these databases. To look up these terms, look for a link in the top, blue menu bar; in CINAHL it's called CINAHL Subject Headings, in PsycInfo it's called APA Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms, and in Global Health it's called Thesaurus

Search Options

For an advanced search, CINAHL, APA PsycInfo, and Global Health offer more extensive search options in addition to those on the basic search page. These options allow you to access a more specific list of results.

CINAHL Advanced Search Options

CINAHL's advanced search page allows you to limit by even more options, including age group, whether the author is a nurse, journal subset, and special interest subject areas.

APA PsycInfo Advanced Search Options

APA PsycInfo's advanced search page allows you to limit by even more options, including methodology, classification codes, and tests and measures.

Global Health Advanced Search Options

Global Health's advanced search page allows you to limit by even more options, including author, publication type, and broad category.