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Searching EBSCO Databases: CINAHL, PsycInfo, & Global Health: Basic Search

Created by Health Science Librarians

Using Basic Search

All EBSCOhost databases have the same basic search bar. For a broad overview search, type terms into the search bar. For phrases, use single or double quotation marks around the phrase. EBSCOhost databases also have a predictive text feature in the search function. When you begin to type in a search phrase, automatic suggestions will appear underneath. This can be useful in finding other applicable or more specific search terms. 

An example of a broad search term that would be applicable for a basic search and general information gathering is the phrase "nursing education." With the basic search function, you would be able to gain a preliminary understanding of the topic. If a more detailed search is required, the advanced search function can be used.

Click "Search" to view results.

If you need to change databases, click "Choose Databases" to view your options. 


Search Options

CINAHL, APA PsycInfo, and Global Health offer slightly different search options to choose from on their basic search pages. Each offers some search filters on their basic search page and more on their advanced search page.

On any of these databases, if you want to include synonyms and plurals of your search terms, you must click "Apply related words."

Mapped vocabulary terms are words that might be related to your search terms. if you want to include mapped vocabulary terms, you must click "Apply equivalent subjects."

The databases have filters that allow you to limit your results in some way (by publication type or date range, for example.) If you are running a comprehensive search, using these filters may cause you to miss some results. 

CINAHL Basic Search Options

CINAHL's basic search page allows you to limit results by features like publication date, publication type, available references, and peer-reviewed articles.

APA PsycInfo Basic Search Options

APA PsycInfo's basic search page allows you to limit results by features like publication year, population group, age group, intended audience, and document type.

Global Health Basic Search Options

Global Health allows you to limit results by features like publication year, country of publication, full text, publication name, and language.