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Searching EBSCO Databases: CINAHL, PsycInfo, & Global Health: Using the Results Page

Created by Health Science Librarians

EBSCOhost Results Page

Once you enter your search into an EBSCOhost database, there are many different features available to use on the results page.

Refine Results

Once you enter your search term, a list of results will appear. Here, you can refine your results further by using the column on the left of the list.

You can limit by factors like publication date and major headings. The full list of limiters varies by database. For example, APA PsycInfo allows you to refine by tests and measures specific to psychology. 

Checking the box beside your desired limitation automatically updates the results page. This action also adds the limiter to the "Current Search" box. To remove a limiter from your current search, click on the "X" beside the limiter. 

Save Results

Click on the folder icon beside the heading of each result to save that result to your folder. If you are not signed in, the folder saves selected results for a single research session. Please note that a research session times out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

To permanently store your results, sign into your account at the top of the screen. This will save selected results in your folder for future uses.

You can also save the entire search to your folder by clicking the "Share" button, then selecting "Add search to folder." Here, you also have the option to create an email alert for this search.

To export a result to your email, click "E-mail" in the tools column. This will allow you to receive the result in your inbox. You can choose to include a citation for the result as well.

You can also create a link for individual articles by clicking "Permalink" in the tools column. This feature is useful because the URL in the browser address bar will not work if you use it to try and return to the result later. The permalink will allow you to return to this result.

Find @ UNC

The blue Find @ UNC button will allow you to access the full text through the university. When you are off campus, you will be prompted to enter your ONYEN and password to access the full text.

When a result is not available via Find @ UNC, here are some other options for accessing the full text: