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ENGL105i: Writing in Business: Unit 2 Recommendation Report



Watch this mini-lecture to learn about research strategies and resources for the Unit 2 Recommendation Report. You can schedule a meeting with Nancy or email her to talk about anything related to your project! Just click on the "Email Me" or "Schedule a Meeting" buttons under Nancy's photo.

Who is my client?

Who is my potential client?

Use the resources to search for potential clients.

If your instructor requires you to choose a local business/company:

If your instructor requires you to choose a UNC student organization:

What is the industry like?

What is the industry like?

It's important to know what's happening in your client's industry. Not sure what industry your client is in? Email Nancy!

What's happening with clubs at other universities?

  • Social media
  • Campus newspapers

Even if you're researching a club, sometimes it's helpful to learn about the industry, too. For example, if my client is the Carolina Beekeeping Club, I should find an industry report for beekeeping in the U.S.

Who is the audience and what are they like?

Who is the audience?

Citing Your Sources

Why do we cite?

Citations serve three major roles in scholarly work:

  • They allow you to show how your argument is built upon the ideas of others.
  • They allow you to indicate which ideas are taken from others, and from whom those ideas were taken; in other words, to give credit where it's due.
  • They allow the interested reader to follow your argument and confirm its logic by investigating the ideas on which the argument is built, or to further explore those ideas on their own.

Learn about APA citation format: Citing Information Tutorial, APA

Learn How to Cite Data

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