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ENGL105i: Writing in Business


Watch this mini-lecture to learn about research strategies and resources for the Unit 3 Shark Tank Pitch & Business Information Report. You can schedule a meeting with Nancy or email her to talk about anything related to your project! Just click on the "Email Me" or "Schedule a Meeting" buttons under Nancy's photo

Resource Links for Market Analysis

Industry description & outlook

  • IBISWorld Industry Reports
    Search by keyword to find industry reports. The "Industry Performance" and "Operating Conditions" sections describe what's going on now. "Industry Outlook" gives projections and discusses future trends.
  • Statista
    Contains statistics, infographics, industry and market research reports and publicly-available data for over 25 countries. There is a special focus on digital markets as well as emerging industries and social trends. Collections of statistics can be downloaded in Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF.

Target market

  • RKMA Market Research Handbooks
    Your first stop in researching your target market. Each e-book handbook compiles comprehensive information about consumers and an industry. Titles include: Business-to-Business Marketing; Consumer Marketing; Consumer use of internet & mobile web; International Consumer Markets; Restaurant, Food & Beverage; Sports Marketing; Consumer Behavior; Entertainment, Media & Advertising; Healthcare Business; Leisure Business; Retail Business; Travel & Tourism.
  • Mintel (consumer market research reports)
    Mintel Reports are your next step. Use them to find even more detailed information about consumers in your industry(ies). The reports answer questions like: 1) who are the customers in a given industry or consumer sector, and 2) what are they like. What do they spend money on, what are their attitudes, what is their age/race/ethnicity/gender/income, etc.
  • SimplyAnalytics
    Find a whole lot of census and consumer behavior data on a lovely map. You can download the maps and reports you create to have good visuals for your pitch, too. Watch the 5 minute "Intro to SimplyAnalytics" tutorial video under the "Support" menu, and see this guide for help

Competitive Analysis

  • Mintel
    search by keyword for reports on particular products or industries, or a demography. Pay attention to the report section "Brand/Company".
  • IBISWorld Industry Reports
    search by keyword for reports. Pay attention to report sections "Competitive Landscape" and "Major Companies".
  • Data Axle Reference Solutions
    This database is a directory of businesses in the U.S. (yellow pages on steriods). search for companies in your industry to identify competitors, or companies working in similar fields. Here's a video how to search

Financial Projections

Resources for Marketing

Look for reports on consumer behavior for your target group, also called market research reports. Reports like this tell you broadly what a particular group cares about, how they get information, and other insights.

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