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Market Research Basics: SimplyAnalytics

SimplyAnalytics is a powerful tool.

And it's so special it gets its own page in this module!

SimplyAnalytics contains demographic data, psychographic data (consumer behavior & lifestyle, market segments, etc). Access from the UNC Libraries website.

You can visualize data on a map, create comparison tables to compare multiple locations, rank locations by data variables, and more. And, you can export your data tables, charts, and maps.

For example, you could export a map of Chapel Hill showing two things: 1) money spent on dinner at fast food, take-out, delivery, concession stands, buffet and cafeteria (with darker green areas mean more households spend more money there); and 2) the locations of pizza restaurants (indicated with yellow dots):

There are many view options, including Map, Comparison Table, Ranking Table, Quick Report, Ring Study Table, and Business Table.

The "Quick Reports" view automatically generates a comprehensive list of key data variables for any location. (For reference, see this Create Quick Reports video.) For instance, you could use this tool to see a demographic overview for Chapel Hill.

Learn to use SimplyAnalytics

There's an introductory tutorial when you first open SimplyAnalytics. (Click here to access SimplyAnalytics.)

Watch the 5 minute tutorial video on the "Support" menu in the top right. You can also view the Help Center. Data Documentation tells you where SimplyAnalytics gets data.

Other examples & video tutorials

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