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Finding News Stories: Wire Services

Wires Online

Resources for use by Hussman School of Journalism and Media students in classes only.

Login and passwords are required for AP Exchange and MCT Direct; see your instructor for details. 

Resources through UNC Library

  • Image Resources: Images for Reuse 
    Lists websites offering public domain or otherwise free-for-educational-use images. Brief directions for finding public domain or otherwise free-for-educational-use images within Google & Flickr.

Finding Stories in the News & Observer

Looking for an article in the News & Observer? Want to browse by section?

  • Go to the (Raleigh) News & Observer through America's News.
  • Select a date under "Recent Issues" OR enter a date in the search box

NewsBank Recent Issues Search

  • The results will be a list of all articles in the News & Observer (that are also in America's News), sorted by section, and then alphabetically by title. You'll also see page numbers to the right of the title.

NewsBank Recent Issues Search Results

  • Click on any article to read it!

Park Library Chat


Wires on the Bloomberg

BN Wire from BloombergBN Wire includes

  • Bloomberg News (command: BN)
  • Bloomberg Exclusives (both can be narrowed to include NC; command: BN exclusive NC)
  • Bloomberg Government (command: BGV)
  • Bloomberg Sports (command: BSP)

 The Bloomberg offers other wire services, including

  • AP
  • Agence France Press
  • Radio Free Europe
  • New York Times
  • Washington Post
  • Al Jazeera
  • & many many more. 

The terminal can only be used in the Park Library, and only when we're open.