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Medical Care Resources for Rehabilitation Counseling & Psychology

Core Test Compilations and Search Tools

Test instruments and measures are used by students, educators, researchers, and practitioners to assist in the assessment of people, conditions, or topics.

Online Collection of Tests

Test Reviews and How to Purchase

Find Articles About Test Development and Articles That Use Tests

Search Tip: 
Enter the name of a test or key words about a test.
Select IN Instrumentation from the Select a Field drop down menu.

Search Tip: 
Enter the name of a test or key words about a test.
Limit the search to Primary Source for articles about test development and validation. Some of these may contain sample questions or the full test.
Limit the search to Secondary Source for articles that used the test in a research study.

Search Tip:
Validation studies[publication type] AND (scale* OR instrument* OR assessment* OR measure* OR questionnaire* OR survey*) AND word for your topic
Validation studies[publication type] AND "name of a particular test in quotation marks"

Find Copies of Tests in Dissertation Abstracts and PsycInfo

Search Tip:
Search for the test name in the abstract.
Look at the full-text of the results. Check the Methods section for information about how the test was used. Check the Appendix for a copy of the test.

PsycInfo Search Tip:
Select the TM Tests & Measures field.
Enter a keyword for your topic to identify studies that used a test with that word in its name.
Enter the exact words of a test name to find studies that used that test.
Enter Appended in a second search box with TM selected to find articles that put the test in an appendix.

Search Google

Enter the full name of the test you have identified. If you find the test in full-text, be sure to contact the author for permission unless the web page clearly states the test is freely available.

Evidence Based Mental Health Practice

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