Database Tips

Help & Tips for using some of the databases common in the Allied Health Sciences disciplines

What Databases are ProQuest?

Some UNC ProQuest databases commonly used in the Health Professions include these (and many more).  To see the complete list when you are in any ProQuest database, click "Change Databases." 

  • ComDisDome (Communication Disorders),
  • Dissertations & Theses (UNC & Global), 
  • GenderWatch,
  • Healthcare Administration,
  • Nursing & Allied Health, 
  • PTSDPubs (formerly PILOTS).


  • The help button in ProQuest databses (? symbol), top right, leads to page-specific help and to training resources (tips, guides, more) 
  • The "Search Tips" button provides assistance with the Advanced Search model.  
  • To find the Thesaurus (controlled vocabulary or subjects): Make sure you are in Advanced or Command Line search mode.  Shows alpha/hierarchical searchable list of all the controlled terms (subjects) of the database. See ProQuest Advanced Search Quick Guide, below. 

ProQuest Quick Guides & Tips