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Business Research Basics: Home

Gettng started with business research at UNC

Purpose of Research Guide

This guide curates research and information sources for business. Use the side menu to navigate to relevant sources.

Want guidance?

  1. Email a business research consultant/librarian:
    Nancy Lovas, Davis Library:
    Kenan Flagler Research Librarian:
  2. Schedule a consultation appointment with a business librarian.

Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

With your ONYEN and password you have off-campus access to most subscription resources.

Instructions for accessing a resource from off-campus:

  1. Use the library link for the resource (from a research guide or the database list).
  2. Log in with your ONYEN and password when prompted.
  3. Search and research like you normally would.

Search for Books: UNC Catalog

Advanced Search | New Books | WorldCat

Search for Articles: UNC Databases

FAQ: Harvard Business Review & Harvard Business Cases

How can I access Harvard Business Review articles electronically through the library?

The database Business Source Premier is the only place you can get electronic access to HBR articles.

If you want to find specific articles online, use this search strategy in Business Source Premier:

  1.  Open Business Source Premier (
  2.  If you have the article title and author: e.g. “The Grass Isn’t Greener” by Evan Hirsh from 2013.
    • Go to the “Advanced Search” page
    • Type “grass isn’t greener” into the first search field box
    • Change the “Select a Field” dropdown to “TI Title”
    • Type "Hirsh" into the next search box
    • Change the “Select a Field” dropdown to “AU Author”

This should display the article “The Grass Isn’t Greener” as HTML Full Text or as a PDF which you can either print or download to your computer.

If you wish to browse the Harvard Business Review month by month:

  1. Click on the “Publications” tab at the top of the page
  2. Enter “Harvard Business Review”
  3. Click on the title when it appears. You will then see a list of years from 1922 to present year. Choose the year, then the month, a list of articles organized by page number should appear.

Does UNC have access to Harvard Business Case Studies?

No. While HBR Cases are searchable in Business Source Premier from 1942 to present by company name and subject, there is no text from the case study. To search for cases related to a specific topic, simply enter “Harvard Business School Cases” into the search box and select “SO Publication Name” in the “Select a Field box” and then enter the topic or company you need a case study for. You will not get the full-text of the case study only date, author, company, and possibly a few subject terms. You can purchase Harvard Business Cases here:

Can UNC Interlibrary Loan (ILL) borrow the case study I need for my class?

No, again. Because HBR Cases are often purchased as course-specific materials, they are rarely available through Interlibrary Loan. UNC Libraries are not able to purchase case studies. You really must just buy the case study or talk with your professor for other options.

Guides to Business Resources by Subject

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