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Using eBooks at UNC

How to locate, access, and navigate ebooks through the UNC Libraries collection


eBook Content

ProView is the global e-reader for Thomson Reuters books and content.

The UNC Law Library's ProView ebook library includes over 300 titles, including legal treatises and practice guides covering a large range of legal subject areas. There are also many legal resources specific to North Carolina law, including popular resources like Shuford North Carolina Civil Practice and Procedure and North Carolina Rules of Court - State & Federal.

The ProView library includes current editions while past editions and superseded titles are available in the


Westlaw Edge Account

UNC Law students, faculty, and staff have access to ProView through their Westlaw Edge account credentials.

Go to the Law School Homepage for Westlaw, then open the dropdown menu to select ProView.  If prompted to login again, utilized your Westlaw account credentials.

Thomson Reuters recommends utilizing the Chrome browser for the best ProView user experience.


Finding eBooks - Browsing

When opening the ProView library, a filter menu appears on the left side of the website. Library filter options include jurisdiction, publisher, and subject. Filter books to quickly browse and identify relevant content.

On the right side of the ProView library is an option to sort the library content by title, type, jurisdiction, publisher, or subject. The default sort order is alphabetical. Utilize the A-Z list to jump to titles that start with a particular letter.

Finding eBooks - Keyword Searching

The ProView library homepage has a search bar at the top. Enter a title or author name to quickly find an ebook, but be careful - the search bar will default to looking for an exact match in the "Title/Author" search.

To search all the content in the library by keyword, click in the search bar and select the "Content" drop down. Click on the hyperlinked text for "connectors" to see the advanced terms and connectors recognized by the ProView library content search.

Special Features

Special Features

The ProView library includes many special and advanced features. Below are some highlights to guide use of the library.


This feature alerts you each time a title is updated in your library or a new title is added to your library account. Navigate to the the new or updated titles from the notification bell in the upper right corner of the library.

Offline Reading

Titles can be downloaded for offline reading from the library. Text instructions for downloading a title are included here. For text instructions accompanies by images, please see the ProView Training Guide in the final box on this page.

  1. Find the desired title.

  2. Select the "overflow menu" (three vertical dots) in the upper right corner of the title card.

  3. Select "Download Title."

  4. An alert will appear in the upper right corner of the library indicating that the download has started, and another alert will appear indicating that the download is complete.

Downloaded titles may be viewed on the device or app used to download the title.

Navigation and Search within eBook

When viewing an ebook in the ProView library, there are many search options within the title.

The Table of Contents will open on the left of the title for easy browsing. By clicking on the magnifying glass, keyword searching the entire text of the book is available. These features are available for online or offline viewing, although the keyword search feature will be more limited offline.


Bookmark, Highlight & Annotate

While reading an ebook, there are many options to mark up the text.

Select the bookmark icon in the upper right corner and select the desired color to add a bookmark.

Select any text in the book and use the pop-up box to highlight text and add notes in the color of your choice.

Notes can be reviewed in the annotations tab (by the TOC and search functions). Filter notes by type or label color.

Training & Tutorials

Training Guide

A detailed, 27-page ProView training guide is available from Westlaw here.