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Using eBooks at UNC

How to locate, access, and navigate ebooks through the UNC Libraries collection


eBook Content

SpringerLink is a digital service providing access to ebooks that can be read on the site or downloaded to a phone, tablet, or computer. eBooks can be downloaded by chapter or in full as PDFs or EPUBs. SpringerLink has a large collection nonfiction and scholarly monographs.

SpringerLink additionally has journal articles, conference papers, protocols, videos, and more!



SpringerLink is available to UNC-Chapel Hill students, faculty, and staff with their ONYEN and password while on-campus

Users can access the platform for ebooks in two ways:

  • Using SpringerLink's web interface directly at to search and browse the collection
  • Search a book title in the UNC Libraries catalog and link to SpringerLink through the catalog record

Be aware, you must be using an on-campus computer, using UNC WIFI, or using a UNC VPN to access SpringerLink ebooks and other resources.


Finding eBooks - Searching & Browsing

SpringerLink has ample ways to browse or search for ebooks and other materials. The search bar at the top of the webpage allows keyword searches by book title, subject, author, and publishing organization. Directly to the right of the search bar you can also conduct an advanced search by clicking on the gear icon. There you can refine an advanced search query using keyword terms, title and/or author. You can also refine the search by year and reduce the number of results retrieved with the ‘without’ operator. A faceted search by discipline is also available through the ‘Browse by discipline’ menu column on the left side of the homepage under the search bar. Additionally, you can browse by content type using the secondary menu under the “Browse by discipline” menu.

Springer’s featured books and journals available for download are also showcased on the homepage. Be aware when searching on SpringerLink that unless the “Include Preview-Only content” button is unselected that SpringerLink will include material that may not be available for download in your results.  

SpringerLink Homepage (with use case diagram)

SpringerLink Search Results Page (with use case diagram)


Borrowing and Reading eBooks

In order to read ebooks available on SpringerLink, all you need to do is select the book from the search results and click download. There is no need to borrow, or check out, the material. You can download each chapter as a PDF or download the ebook in full as either a PDF or an EPUB file. You can also read the book online right on the SpringerLink webpage in your web browser. There is no limit to the number of books you can download at one time.

Returning eBooks

There is no need to return ebooks on SpringerLink, once they are downloaded you can retain the PDF or EPUB copy indefinitely.

Check out this short tutorial on searching, downloading, and using SpringerLink!

Training and Tutorials

SpringerLink Support Page

Navigate to SpringerLink’s Support Page to review instructions for getting started with on SpringerLink! There are also tips for troubleshooting common problems and FAQs. This page covers topics like searching, downloading, and reading online along with other tips to maximize your use of the platform.