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Resources for Law Journal Staff Members

A guide to resources for law journal staff members at UNC School of Law.

Cite Checking

General Process for Cite Checking a Footnote

1. Identify the source. Is it a case, statute, trial court document, or secondary source? If it is a secondary source, what treatise, journal, or newspaper is it?

2. Find the source. Locate the cited source in a format that meets the Bluebook's standards for an official version of the source.

3. Check the validity, appropriateness, and accuracy of the source. Does the source match the above the line content it is meant to support?

4. Format the citation. The Twenty-First Edition of the Bluebook should be used as a style guide for all citations.


Remember: These are general rules for checking a footnote. Always consult specific journal rules for a more detailed discussion of the process and any special cite checking rules.