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Resources for Law Journal Staff Members

A guide to resources for law journal staff members at UNC School of Law.


Resources for Law Journal Staff Members

This guide is designed to help with staff member duties for law journals at UNC School of Law. Resources have been gathered on two major responsibilities of staff members: cite checking and writing an article. The cite checking portion of this guide includes resources that can help in identifying citations, locating materials, and Bluebooking. It also includes a discussion of, an online resource archiving system that is highly recommended for all journals to prevent link rot. The article writing portion of this guide includes resources that can help with selecting a topic, from where to find a topic to making sure the topic hasn't been preempted. It also includes resources that can help law students create a publishable journal article.

Please remember that reference librarians are always happy to help with any of these journal activities. The librarian liaison for each journal is included in this guide. You can also contact the Reference Desk by phone at 919-962-1194, by email at, or by chat at To set up a research appointment, please use the form available here.

Note: Many of the resources and databases referenced in this research guide are only available to affiliates of the UNC School of Law. Hyperlinks for these databases will often link to the Legal Databases page of the UNC Law Library website, where the user can then access the database they would like to use. Links to Westlaw, Lexis Advance, and Bloomberg Law will take users to the database sign-in page, as UNC Law affiliates should have individual credentials. For any questions about access to the referenced resources, please contact the Reference Desk.