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Resources for Law Journal Staff Members

A guide to resources for law journal staff members at UNC School of Law.

About is a service that allows users to preserve online sources by creating a permanent link to the online source. Copy the URL of the page to be preserved and cited into preserves the site at that time, deposits it into the collection, and produces a unique URL that allows the preserved record to be viewed on (the "perma link"). is a proposed solution to problem of link rot. This has become a common problem in academic scholarship and judicial opinions, when an online source is cited that later disappears or changes. By creating a perma link to an online source, you have preserved the source as it appears when you cited it and made it available for others to access. for Journal Editors

The UNC Law Library encourages all journals to use in an effort to combat link rot in scholarship.

The Law Library can create an organization for a journal within the library's institutional account to Once the journal has an account, the journal editors can add institutional members to the account. Members can then create perma links affiliated with the journal and use these links in citations according to Bluebook Rule 18.2.1(d).

Please contact your journal's library liaison for any questions about creating an organization for your journal or using for your journal.