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Resources for Law Journal Staff Members

A guide to resources for law journal staff members at UNC School of Law.


The Bluebook

The Twenty-First Edition of the Bluebook should be used as a style guide for all citations in law reviews. The Law Library has multiple copies of the Bluebook available on Reserve, so please go to the circulation desk to check a copy for short-term use. However, other resources can be consulted in addition to the Bluebook in order to effectively craft legal citations for law journals.

Additional Resources

Prince's Dictionary of Legal Citations is an excellent resource for helping to craft citations to legal authorities. The dictionary is organized by legal authority. Each legal authority listed includes the abbreviation for the authority and examples of how to properly use it in a citation. The dictionary applies Bluebook rules to create examples of how to cite the many included resources. This resource is available at the Reference Desk.

Bluebook User Guides: Cite-Checker: Your Guide to Using the Bluebook and User's Guide to the Bluebook are two titles available in the UNC Law Library to help guide students in using the Bluebook to craft legal citations.

The Redbook: A Manual on Legal Style can be consulted for formatting questions not covered by the Bluebook. The Redbook covers topics like punctuation, capitalization, grammar, prose style, and clarity of writing.

Legal Citation in a Nutshell begins by explaining legal citation systems, but then it provides illustrations for using particular Bluebook rules to cite major legal sources.

Tip: The resources listed on the Identifying Sources page of this LibGuide can also be used to help in creating citations.