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Citing Information: Print Sources

CSE/CBE: Print Sources

CSE/CBE 8th edition Citation Sequence: Print Sources

Below are examples of citations as they may appear in a works-cited page using the Citation-Sequence system. The examples are meant to be illustrative and do not encompass every possible situation. If you have questions about citing particular types of sources or dealing with particular situations, you should consult Chapter 29 of Scientific Style and Format 8th Edition or contact a reference librarian.

Note that, in CSE style, system, titles of periodicals (newspapers, journals, magazines) are capitalized as they normally are; book titles and article titles have only the first word of the title, of any subtitles, and proper nouns capitalized.

Also note that, throughout CSE style, no commas are used to offset the author's last name from his or her initials, no space separates the first and middle initial, and periods do not, in general, follow initials.

If this were the final reference page, sequential numbers would proceed the citation by the order that they are cited in the paper. Thus, the first example below would be labeled "1," the next "2," and so on. To see an example, visit the Sample References Page.


CSE/CBE 8 Name Year Print Book

When citing an entire book, the "Number of Pages" is an optional element.

Edited Book

CSE/CBE 8 Name Year Print Edited Book

Chapter in a Book

CSE/CBE 8 Name Year Print Chapter in a Book

When citing a part of a book, like with a chapter or an article in an anthology, and the author of the part is different from the author or editor of the book, use "In:" before the contributors and title of the full work. If there is only one author for the chapter and for the whole work, do not use this notation.

Article from a Scholarly Journal

Note that journal titles must be abbreviated in citations in CSE style. Rules for journal abbreviation are complex and the correct abbreviation is not always obvious. The List of Title Word Abbreviations is searchable database of words commonly found in titles and their correct abbreviations. Additionally, a list of journal titles and their abbreviations may be found at ISI Web of Science. In the example below, the abbreviated form of the journal title Biological Conservation is used.

CSE/CBE 8 Name Year Print Article from a Scholarly Journal

Article from a Magazine

CSE/CBE 8 Name Year Print Article from a Magazine+

If an abbreviation is available for a magazine title, it should be used.

Article from a Newspaper

CSE/CBE 8 Name Year Print Article from a Newspaper

The titles of newspapers are never abbreviated, but any definite article is omitted (ex. "The Washington Post" becomes "Washington Post").

Book Translation

CSE/CBE 8 Name Year Translation