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Evidence-Based Medicine: Review and Practice: Appraisal tools

Created by Health Science Librarians

Appraisal worksheets & checklists

EBM calculators

An EBM calculation table can help you determine control event rate, experimental event rate, risk reduction, number needed to treat, and confidence interval.
Types of common EBM calculations include:
  • Control Event Rate (CER)
  • Experimental Event Rate (EER)
  • Relative Risk (RR)
  • Relative Risk Reduction (RRR)
  • Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR)
  • Number Needed to Treat (NNT)
  • Confidence Interval (CI)

You can learn how to calculate these manually through the University of Alberta's EBM Toolkit or use Evidence-Based Medicine Toolbox's EBM Calculators & Vanderbilt's Power & Sample Size Calculator