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Evidence-Based Medicine: Review and Practice: Introduction

Created by Health Science Librarians

Learning Objectives

This module is intended to help you develop your evidence-based medicine (EBM) skills. The goal is to increase your comfort and ability to ask patient care related questions and efficiently find evidence to incorporate into patient management. Like many skills in medicine, EBM takes practice to master.

After a brief review of the definition and process of evidence-based medicine, the primary focus of the module is to guide your practice of turning clinical questions into database searches and selecting the best available evidence from the results to critically appraise and apply.


Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial (UNC & Duke)

Ten essential papers for the practice of evidence-based medicine  In this 2017 BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine journal article, the authors signpost readers to 10 papers considered essential reading for anyone starting out on an evidence-based medicine journey.

JAMAevidence   Provides tools for students and clinicians to evaluate and interpret medical literature and better understand the principles of Evidence Based Practice/Medicine, including the books Users' Guides to Medical Literature, The Rational Clinical Examination , etc.

Centre for Evidence Based Medicine: EBM Resources

Searching PubMed  Created by HSL clinical librarians, this guide provides a way to quickly review the basic PubMed search skills needed to answer clinical questions.

PubMed Online Training  These resources from the National Library of Medicine include tutorials, classes, handouts, and more.