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EndNote Desktop: X9 & 20: Output Styles for References

Created by Health Science Librarians

Output Styles

What is an Output Style?

An Output Style is a template that controls the appearance of in-text citations, footnotes and bibliographies in your document. Some are associated with journals, such as Nature, or with publishers, such as American Psychological Association (APA). The most common Output Styles are pre-installed in EndNote, but you can download additional styles if necessary. You can add or edit styles using the Style Manager.

To Open the Style Manager

  1. Select Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager... from the menu bar in the EndNote library window.
  2. The Style Manager window will open.


Opening the style manager


The Styles Menu

The Styles menu is a list of 'favorite' styles that appears in the toolbar at the top of the EndNote library window and in the EndNote menu in Microsoft Word, providing easy access to the styles that you use commonly.

Viewing the styles menu


Add an Output Style to the Styles Menu

  1. Open the Style Manager.
  2. Find the style(s) that you want. 
  3. Click the box to the left of the style's name to select it as one of your favorites. 
  4. Close the Style Manager by clicking the close button in the upper right corner of window or selecting File > Close Style Manager from the menu bar.
  5. The styles that you have selected will now appear in the Styles menu.

Viewing the styles menu


Edit an Output Style

  1. Open Style Manager.
  2. Click on the style that you wish to edit.
  3. Click the Edit button. The Style window will open.

    Editing an output style

  4. The left column of the window displays information about the style.  Click on the item you want to change and make the desired changes.
  5. Once you have made your changes, select File > Save As from the menu bar.  Save a copy of the revised style.  Do NOT overwrite the original template.
  6. Close the Style window by clicking the close button in the upper right corner of window or selecting File > Close Style from the menu bar.

Note: Before you make any changes, we strongly recommend that you read about formatting Output Styles.  In your EndNote library, click on the Help button Question in the toolbar along the top of the window and search for 'Output Styles' to find out more about them.