EndNote X9

How to Purchase EndNote


  1. Go to Student Acquisition Ordering Portal at https://sa.unc.edu/shop.  Log in with your Onyen and password.
  2. Choose the link for Shop as a Student. If you automatically enter the Ordering Portal, skip to the next step.
  3. Search for EndNote in the search box toward the bottom of the page.
  4. Select EndNote for Windows or OSX depending on your computer type and click Add to Cart on the right side of the page.
  5. When you are ready to check out, click on the Cart icon in the upper right corner next to your name.
  6. The $65 cost for EndNote will be charged to your OneCard expense account.  You will need to have the funds available in your OneCard expense account at the time of checkout.  You can add funds to your OneCard here.
  7. You will be emailed a downloadable link and the required serial number /product key needed to install.


  1. The ITS Software Distribution Office is a vendor in the BuyCarolina Marketplace in ConnectCarolina. To place a BuyCarolina order you need to have a BuyCarolina role in ConnectCarolina and a valid Chartfield String. If you do not have both of these, you will need to contact your departmental business office to place your software order. Some departments allow faculty and staff to place orders, and others may restrict the ordering to the business office or IT department.
  2. Go to ConnectCarolina at http://connectcarolina.unc.edu.  Log in with your Onyen and password.
  3. Click the BuyCarolina link from the Admin WorkCenter Links Tile.
  4. Click the Software Distribution box from the list of Additional Stores
  5. You will need a ChartField to charge the expense to your department.
  6. Once the Chartfield String has been entered, you will be directed to the vendor catalog, where you will see the link for "ITS Software Distribution"
  7. After completion of your order, you will be emailed a downloadable link and the required serial number /product key needed to install.

EndNote for iPad

An EndNote iPad App is available for download for free from the Apple Store.EndNote iPad App

To learn more, check out FAQs for the EndNote iPad app.

Note: You cannot use the EndNote iPad app without an EndNote Online account (see our page on EndNote Online here). The EndNote app will only access references that you have synced with your Online account.