Surgical Residents: EBM Review and Practice

Provides specialty based search examples for practicing the EBM steps related to asking clinical questions and acquiring evidence.

Patient Scenario

During a preoperative evaluation of a 66 year old male for elective non-cardiac surgery you find that he had an MI ten years ago. Since that time the patient has made lifestyle modifications (healthy diet and increased exercise), has a resting heart rate of 72 and has not had any new cardiac problems. He asks you if he should be taking a beta-blocker before surgery because he has heard that people with a history of heart disease should all be on beta blockers when they have surgery. Should preoperative beta blockers be prescribed to prevent perioperative cardiovascular complications?

Worksheet (with tips!)

Download the worksheet (with tips!) to guide your practice of:

  • using PICOTT to analyze the scenario;
  • planning, executing and revising a PubMed search;
  • and selecting the highest quality evidence to inform your patient care.


Open to check your PICOTT analysis of the scenario.

Open to check your PubMed search.

Open to see the article references selected from a search on January 5, 2018.