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E-Resources for Research in Latin American and Iberian Studies: Home

This document provides open access resources to research Latin America and Iberia.


This document was produced by UNC-Libraries and is intended to be used in combination with our collections. If you are not able to visit in person, it will enable you to conduct research using the resources listed below.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive list but will be a starting point for your research and will concentrate on Open Access resources.


Research Basics

Tutorials for Research

These tutorials may be helpful for those who are new to academic research. (Please note that the databases listed in this tutorial may be subscription only and will only be available to UNC affiliates)

Open Access vs. Paid Subscriptions

Open Access electronic resources are those that are freely available to anyone on the internet.  They include e-books, journals, government documents, publications produced by NGOs and multimedia.

Libraries also pay subscriptions for access to electronic publications and databases. Access to these resources is limited to those who are affiliated with the institution.


General Reference on Latin America

CIA World Factbook

Information in The Factbook is collected from and coordinated with a wide variety of US Government agencies, as well as from hundreds of published sources and is updated weekly.

BBC Country Profiles

Teresa Chapa, Latin American, Iberian and Latina/o Studies Librarian

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Teresa Chapa
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What Is LAIR (Latin American and Iberian Resources)?

The Latin American and Iberian collections of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill support the broad range of research needs of Carolina's faculty and students in these world areas. Our holdings of over 500,000 volumes are primarily held in Walter Royal Davis Library, the central library for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  The strength of the collections complements the research interests of the many graduate programs in the humanities and social sciences.  In addition to acquiring materials in Spanish and Portuguese, our collections include volumes in several of the Maya languages, Guaraní, Galician, Catalán, Basque and Haitian Creole, among others.

Based on a long-standing cooperative agreement with Duke Univerity, UNC-Chapel Hill collects core materials from all Latin American countries, as well as research-level materials from Argentina, Brazil (humanities and literature), Chile, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.