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OCCT992 Applied Research Experience Poster Resources

Occupation Matters Exhibit blog with sample OCCT992 student posters from 2012-2016.

WIDESCREEN Poster Template (31.5" x 56") to refer to in creating e-posters (.PDF version)

WIDESCREEN Poster Template (31.5" x 56") for e-poster (.PPT usable for drafting a poster)

Finding Medical & Health Films/Images

  • Includes Understanding Copyright and Find Open Images

Exporting PowerPoint 2016 files in .pdf format

Windows/PC:  File > Export > Create PDF/XPS > optimize for Standard (publishing online or printing) > Publish

Mac:  https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Export-a-PowerPoint-2016-for-Mac-presentation-to-PDF-a09eeee9-5a1e-47ac-913f-becc79f43563


A Selection of Key HSL Media Design Resources

From HSL home page > scroll down to bottom of Research Guides and Experts, click on view all our guides > scroll down, click on Poster and Media Design Tools under “learning modules and tutorials” in center column.  You will see several guides, including these:


Additional resources:  


AOTA/American Occupational Therapy Association poster resources (updated 3/20/2017):

Guidelines for Creating Accessible Printed Posters:  http://www.aucd.org/docs/annual_mtg_2008/accessibility_posters_gilson2007.pdf 

Tips on Professional Posters By Yolanda Griffiths, OTD, OTR/L, FAOTA

AOTA 2017 Annual Conference & Expo Speaker Information > Poster Sessions:

Examples of Professional Posters (AOTA) [Poster board dimension is 4' x 8 ']

o   A Model Mentorship Program for Prospective Occupational Therapy Students: Design and Benefits - pdf, 72 kb

o   Creative Arts for Persons with Disabilities: Uniquely Collaborating with the Very Special Arts - pdf, 112 kb

o   Cultivating Reflective Skills of Professional Students: Interprofessional Perspectives and Strategies - pdf, 209 kb

o   Ergonomics & Occupational Therapy: National and International Initiatives to Promote Health Among School-aged Children - pdf, 143 kb

o   Interdisciplinary Autism Evaluation Clinic: Meeting the Needs of Children and their Families - pdf, 60 kb

o   Professional Development Tracks in the Workplace: Tools for Recruitment and Retention - pdf, 90 kb

o  The Influence of Occupations and Roles Within Family Life on Perceived Quality of Life Among Chinese and Korean American Elders - pdf, 96 kb

OCCT992 Poster Design Tips Handout

Tips for Creating a Poster in PowerPoint 2013/2016

  • PowerPoint 2016 is very similar to PowerPoint 2013 (PC’s) and 2011/2016 (Mac’s). 
  • Poster Size (if you’re printing the poster for display):
    • A PowerPoint slide can’t be larger than 56” by 56”, unless you set the slide size to widescreen (in PowerPoint 2013 this will make the slide width 64”.)
    • If you want your poster to be larger than that, you will need to set your slide to be half-size and print the poster at 200%
  • Aligning Objects:
    • To align 2 or more objects, select the objects and then click Arrange > Align on the Home tab.
    • You can align objects by their centers, left or right sides, middles, or top and bottom sides.
  • Distributing Objects Evenly:
    • To space 3 or more objects evenly, select them and go to the Home tab and click Arrange > Align > Distribute Horizontally or Distribute Vertically.
  • Grouping Objects:
    • To move 2 or more objects together, you can group them.
    • Select the objects, go to the Home tab and click Arrange > Group. The objects you grouped will now behave as though they were one object.
    • To separate objects you’ve grouped, select the grouped object and click Arrange > Ungroup on the Home tab.
  • Send to Front/Send to Back:
    • To see an object that’s now behind another one, select the first object and click Arrange > Send to Front on the Home tab.
    • To hide an object that’s now in front of another one, select the first object and click Arrange > Send to Back on the Home tab.
  • To Make a Perfect Square or Circle, or a Perfectly Straight Line (resize keeping proportion/aspect ratio):
    • Hold down the Shift key as you’re drawing them.
  • Check Images for Pixelation:
    • Zoom your view to 100%.
  • If You Need an Extra Pair of Eyes on Your Poster: Contact us: Ask-a-Librarian!

Chana Kraus-Friedberg, PhD, Graduate Research Assistant, UNC Health Sciences Library, March, 2016

School of Medicine High Resolution Logo for Posters

School of Medicine Logos / Branding web page
Blue, black, or white logos in various file formats. Use the approved image in your posters presentations, reports, or publications.


To use this JPEG image in your poster, open and right click on the image, select "Save image as". In PowerPoint, select Insert then Picture.

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