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Occupational Science/Occupational Therapy Resources: Databases

Major Medical & Interdisciplinary Databases

Anatomy & Physiology Resources

More guides from Main Library & HSL

To broaden your research, use E-Research by Discipline  from Davis Library and the additional HSL guides, below.

  • Each E-Research Discipline includes librarian contacts, databases, e-journals, guides, related resources.

Other Core Databases for OS/OT

OT Search Database from AOTA/AOTF

OT Search

The Occupational Therapy Bibliographic System from AOTA and AOTF

  • Cookies must be enabled in your browser to use this OT Search.  
  • AJOT:  Links in this database to AJOT (American Journal of Occupational Therapy) do not link to UNC's AJOT subscription.  See instructions below. 
  • For other (non-AJOT) electronic journals licensed by HSL, use "url" links from OT Search results.
  • For other (non-AJOT) journals not available electronically, search the UNC Catalog, by journal title


  • use url link in OTSearch to navigate to AJOT page.  
  • copy article DOI and paste it into Google Scholar (linked from UNC library website) or add the citation using the DOI into a citation manager such as F1000Workspace, then use Find@UNC button to link to article via UNC's AJOT subscription.  
  • OR use citation information from OT Search to locate AJOT articles in CINAHL Plus with Full Text (1980 - present) or by using  AJOT ejournal link from this guide's journal tab.   
  • Note:  
    • For 1980-present, AJOT electronically received by HSL via CINAHL Plus with Full Text.
    • For pre 1980:  AJOT available IN PRINT at HSL (4th floor) for 1947 (v1) through 2012 (v66)


Find @ UNC

Click on the Find @ UNC button button in database results to:

  • Go directly to most online articles
  • Export article citations to Endnote or to formats for other reference managers
  • Search the UNC-CH Library Catalog to find the print journal
  • Send an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request if the journal is not owned by UNC-CH

A to Z Databases

All campus databases

  • browse by title
  • browse by subject
  • search by database name

Implicit Bias Resources Guide

"Implicit biases are discriminatory biases based on implicit attitudes or implicit stereotypes. Implicit biases are especially intriguing, and also especially problematic, because they can produce behavior that diverges from a person's avowed or endorsed beliefs or principles."  

Greenwald, Anthony G., and Linda Hamilton Krieger. "Implicit Bias: Scientific Foundations." California Law Review 94, no. 4 (2006): 945-67. doi:10.2307/20439056.

Aids for Organizing Your Search

Use this guide to help visualize and plan your search:

Use this log to keep your search organized and to document your search strategy for reporting:

Learn More about Using Databases

Don't forget, Ask Us when you have difficulty finding what you're looking for in a database.

Don't forget, many databases have a link to help files as part of their search screens.

Boolean Basics for Searching
Boolean searching helps you find less (narrows) or find more (broadens) results when you search in many databases and Web search engines. Boolean searching depends on the use of three terms: AND, OR, and NOT. Enter these terms in ALL CAPS because many search engines are case sensitive for these terms.

Full Text Articles via Find@UNC
Includes Find@UNC in PubMed and what to do when the article is not online via Find@UNC.


For help using the New PubMed platform (5/2020), see New PubMed Resource Box

PubMed resources below are being updated but still have useful information demonstrated using the original PubMed platform.  

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